My name is Sylvie Beauvais. I’m a psychotherapist based in Philadelphia, PA. Considering starting therapy can feel a bit weird if you’ve never done it before, or if you weren’t happy with some of your past experiences. Let’s talk about it, and see if we’re a good fit for each other. Reach out to me.

Have you ever been told “You’re too sensitive?” or maybe told that your emotional reactions were “too much?”.  If you feel that your sensitivity has made life more challenging for you than for others, you’re on to something. If you’re ready to get some support and find a more comfortable way of being in the world, please know that helpful treatment approaches exist and that I’m looking forward to doing that work with you.

My goal is to accompany you on your journey to strengthen and maintain your joy and well-being across all aspects of your life. I want to establish a trusting, safe and caring therapeutic relationship that recognizes your unique self, the joys and challenges you have faced, and engages your creativity and resilience for your own healing.  We will work at your pace. Together we’ll consider aspects of your identity,  history and functioning. We will boost your coping skills, focus on your safety, and work towards symptom relief and improved relationships. I’m bilingual in French.

I particularly wish to welcome those who may not have felt welcome or comfortable in therapeutic settings: people of color, those with LGBTQ identities, and immigrants.

My foundational training is in clinical social work, which means I care about you and your environment, and recognize the multiple ways in which our society can be dismissive of and sometimes harmful to our complex identities and needs.

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